Hiring An Injury Attorney

You are driving to work one day, it is an ordinary day like all the other work days yet today is different. Today is a different day because on the way to work someone T bones your car. They run a light and run right into the middle of your car. You are a bit shaken up but you most feel normal. You exchange insurance information with the person who hit you, you file a report with the police, the damage to your car isn’t too bad and you go on with your day. Here is a good read by¬†St Louis injury attorney that will let you know what are the general mistakes we commit after an accident.

St Louis injury attorney

You receive a call from the guy who hit you insurance company and they want to give you some money to repair your car. They use an actuary table of sorts to figure out how much money you are owed and after this they have you sign forms or agree that this is all you need. At this point, this is all you think that you need. You go with just getting your car fixed and things seem absolutely fine, this accident was just a huge inconvenience and nothing too serious.

A week to a month later, what you though was just a minor accident turns out to be a little bit more. After the accident you didn’t see a medical professional because you felt mostly fine. What you feel now is pain, uneasiness, not like yourself and you are not sure why you are feeling this way. You mistakenly don’t link the car accident with how you are feeling and now you have to go to doctor appointment after doctor appointment to figure out what is wrong. Finding out what is wrong is taking up too much of your life.

Your First Mistake

The first mistake that you make is thinking that just because you felt okay means that you are okay. This is a mistake that many people make and end up paying for. Instead of going how you feel, going with seeing a medical professional just to get checked out. Collision accidents have a way of hiding the initial injuries or having injuries that are caused by the imbalance that an accidient causes so that your injuries happen over time vs immediately. These sort of ghost injuries can end up causing you a lot of pain and suffering in the long term and so you need to always get checked out after every type of collision accident. It doesn’t matter if it is a slip in fall or getting hit by an irresponsible driver.

The Next Mistake

After not getting checked out by a medical professional, the next huge mistake that you make is going at it alone and dealing with the other party’s insurance company without the help of an attorney. It is because you didn’t use the assistance of an injury attorney that you are now stuck between a rock and a hard place when your injuries start to become apparent. You fell right into the tricky hands of the insurance company’s defense attorneys and they fed on you like lion with a lamb in its den. A competent injury attorney would have made sure that you got compensated for your accident, they would have had you checked out and treated by a medical professional all on the dime of the other party’s insurance company.

Putting It All Together

What is the lesson in all of this? We would think that the lesson would be that you should always see a medical professional after every accident and that you should immediately call an injury attorney who can’t fight to get you compensated because of this accident. People who do not follow this protocol lose out.