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How to Make a Hot Tub Out of Your Pickup

For many people, hot tubs seem like a luxury that is hard to afford. Most people go their entire life simply enjoying the spas or hot tubs at a rich friend’s house. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of the South, it is possible that anyone can enjoy a hot tub on their property, for a fraction of the price of a normal hot tub. If you own a pickup truck and a couple of other items (it does not cost much to buy, if you do not have them), you can start celebrating your own parties and very hot tub pickup.

Hot Tub Out
Hot Tub Out

Park the vehicle where you want your portable hot tub to be, as long as it is within a reasonable distance from your home. It should be close enough to a water pipe to go from your house to the truck.

Put the tarp on the bed of the truck. Make sure the fabric does not rip or rip anywhere. The dimensions of the fabric vary with the size of the car. The fabric should be large enough so you can push half down on the bed and still have plenty of canvas hanging over all edges. Make sure there is plenty of fabric inside the bed.

Use the adhesive tape to hold the fabric. Wrap the tape around the outside of the truck crate on numerous occasions. There will be a lot of water inside the sheet and bed of the truck, so be sure to pack tight. Also, be sure to press the side of the fabric cage down between the cabin and the bed, and tape as sure as the rest of the bed. If you made sure that there was a lot of tarp in the bed, you should be ready to fill the bed with water without worrying about the slip of towels on the bed.

Unspool the water hose from your house, place it in the box of the truck and turn the water to full power. Some truck beds will hold more than 300 liters of water, so now would be a good time to do something more productive while waiting for the bed to fill. It might take a few hours.

Prepare another pipe (preferably not the pipe house). You can do this while waiting for the bed to fill. Place one end of the hose in the truck’s exhaust pipe. Use some tape to hold the tube in place. Make sure the air coming out of the exhaust pipe does not go directly into the tube.

Place the other end of the hose on the bed of the truck after you have finished filling it. It is important that you are in a well ventilated area before proceeding to step 7.

Start the engine of the truck. The exhaust fumes entering through the tube will act as creator of the bubble in your new hydromassage truck truck. If you want, you can revolutionize the engine to really get the water gurgling. If you do this, however, you should make sure that there is someone behind the wheel of the truck at all times.

Dogs And Emotions In Dogs

All of us who own or have had contact with dogs know that they are able to express their emotions and have feelings and we can find more explanation on these things on We can sense their state of mind by looking at their body language, the expressions on their faces, the noises they make or simply observing the way they move.


The first thing is to know what we mean by emotion and what by feeling.


What do we mean by emotions? Dog emotions

Emotions are the feelings that drive dogs to react to an event or situation and it is also the way they feel after having reacted in this way. For example, negative emotion of fear can lead dogs to defend themselves, while positive feelings of contact and touch can help them form and maintain relationships with other members of a group. Emotions can be divided into positive or negative emotions and may have increasing or decreasing intensities. For example, as the joy of the animal increases, pleasure becomes joy and exaltation, while frustration can turn into fear and rage and apprehension in fear and terror. Animals with behavioral problems often tend toward extremes at the time of expressing their problematic behavior.

All these definitions have in common, that an emotion has three fundamental components:


  • A subjective component, which causes the dog to relate what is perceived at that moment with his own instinct-aggressionrecords. This component is what gives rise to feelings and causes each dog to react differently to the same situation.
  • A physiological component, which causes the dog to activate its central nervous system, an endocrine system …
  • An expressive component, which is the behavior manifested by the dog.
  • According to this, it can be classified in different points:
  • Self-awareness, which is the ability to recognize our own emotions.
  • Self-regulation, which allows us to control and redirect our moods.
  • Motivation, which is what drives us to act.
  • Empathy, which allows us to understand the emotions of others.
  • And social skills, which is what allows us to build social relationships.

Tips for Gardeners: How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

The main muscles used in gardening are found in the legs, upper back, shoulders and wrists. Of them, the most common area chiropractic doctors hear green thumbs complain is the lower back. Lower back pains are common side effects of many physical activities, since the muscles of the lumbar spine support the weight of the entire upper body as well as the spine itself. Because gardening requires repetitive bending movements, it can be especially hard on the back. Fortunately, you can take some preventative measures to reduce the chances of pulling a muscle back while removing all those weeds. Prevent low back pain by following the gardening guidelines and exercises listed below. And remember, if you do get hurt, reach back pain relief by arranging an appointment with one of your local chiropractic doctors’ offices.Warm up and chilling.

It may be tempting to grab your garden tools and run out of the weediest garden bed as soon as the sun comes up, especially in harsh places such as the Pacific Northwest. However, it is much more prone to injury if you can not warm up your muscles first. As chiropractors can tell, cold muscles are more prone to sprains and sprains. To get warm, take a quick walk for five or ten minutes on foot, do ten jumps, or simply stretch the muscles that tend to become painful as you work. Here are a few stretches that do wonders for preventing low back pain. Get in the habit of doing these stretching exercises before and after your gardening meetings1. Knees to the chest. Lie on your back and hug your knees to your chest. Put your arms around your chins, or just take them on your knees. Press your back on the floor, and hold for a minute. Rest and repeat twice more. Stretch Presidency.

Tips for Gardeners How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Sit on a chair, and slide forward so your isches are near the edge of the chair. Gently round your back forward until your hands touch the ground. Relax your weight forward, relax all the muscles of the back from the crown of the head to the hips. Hold the position for as long as it feels good to you. This is an excellent stretch both relief of back pain and prevention.3.Seated Figure Four. If your lower back pains extends down your leg or in the back, use this stretch. Sitting on the edge of the chair, place the outside of the right ankle on the top of your left thigh. Stretch the spine and gently bend forward until you feel a good stretch. Repeat on the other side.

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Be aware about the position of your back while gardening. Are you around the spine and hunch when pulling weeds? If so, you are likely to suffer from post-landscaping lumbar pains. One way to find pain relief again is to make sure you keep a long, straight back while working in the garden. Also, avoid long stretches of weeds – instead, move your body lower while using go.Power Tool to avoid lower back pains. Power tools such as leaf blowers and weed whackers can definitely make your gardening load lighter – but they can also cause pain if not used properly. Keep your back happy by: -Using straps when they are available. Many power tools have a belt, to better distribute the weight of the machine. Wear the strap around your chest – the head and shoulder should be “inside” the strap. This will help the tool drop its center of gravity.-Switch Guidance often. Most of us feel more comfortable when powered tools hang from the shoulder opposite our dominant hand. For example, right-handed fielders often place the leash on the left shoulder, making the tool very useful for the strong right arm. Over time, however, this habit can produce irregularities in the body.

Therefore, you should switch to the other shoulder regularly – for example every fifteen minutes or so. -elect the power tools. As doctors chiropractors will tell you, more weight means more stress on the body. Electric tools often weigh less than their gas counterparts.A few more medical chiropractic tips “for gardeners: Take breaks.Use plenty of water.As far as possible, avoid repetitive motions.Either choose ergonomic hand tools or wrap the handles Of the current tape tools

How to Copy Third Party Content Correctly

Copying content is a common practice. You should not be too often (or avoid at all) not to be penalized by Google. Apart from the positioning there are certain “rules” of behavior to avoid a possible demand of a pissed off author.

With the advent of Google Panda one should think that copying and pasting of existing content is over. In my case I can verify otherwise. Almost every day I find my posts copied 1: 1 in other blogs, media or portals. I do not care as long as it meets what from my point of view is a minimum.

Copy and paste third party content correctly

Whether you are talking about portals, media or blogs, there is a practice of copying third-party content. Not everyone thinks like me that I think is something positive. If you want to do it despite all the inconveniences of duplicate content, you should consider the following 3 points.

How to Copy Third Party Content Correctly

Copy content legally

To get legal protection when you want to use third party texts you need a signed contract. Each content is protected by copyright and you may be subject to a lawsuit if you do so without obtaining authorization. In Spain there are still not many demands for copied content (at least as far as I know). If we look at other countries like Germany there are lawyers who specialize in the illicit use of texts, photos, videos, etc. The demand for such cases is a business. Hopefully this will never reach Spain.

Get authorization right

An easy way to copy content from third parties is to request an authorization. An e-mail may be sufficient. It is often a good way to get in touch with bloggers or other media authors or you can use some other bloggers content by using Online article spinner that helps you to rewrite your content for your website that completely look like a human writeable content.I do not know many people who would not give their permission to publish since they receive a free promotion. Although it is true that not everyone thinks the same in this regard.

The least you should do when you copy third-party content

If you do not request a contract or authorization (which I recommend) you should at least make a reference to the original source. It should contain the links of the article so that the author receives traffic from your site and see the advantage that gives you the copy of your article. In no case should you copy content at the time of publication. This way the article on your website could be indexed first in Google and the original author would be penalized by Google for duplicate content (something you always have to assume when you get third party texts). In this case prepare yourself for a possible lawsuit and a very angry pug or blogger.

If you copy third-party content do it correctly. Do not do it very often because your blog or website can be penalized in the positioning. What are your tips for posting articles from other authors?


5 Tips for a Great Relaxing Massage

Do you fancy a relaxing massage? Most people know the many benefits that this type of therapy offers to your body and, above all, to your health, as it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and relieves muscle pain.However, it is imperative that you take into account the following recommendations, published in The milliondoorsforpeace Post so that you enjoy an unforgettable relaxing massage, which leaves you with a sense of well-being and joy:

5 Tips for a Great Relaxing Massage

1.- A good therapist: This point is basic so that the relaxing massage is successful. Look for a person with experience in the field and that suits your needs.


2.- Express yourself: Before starting the relaxing massage is essential that you talk about your discomfort, your sensitive points and the level of pressure you require, especially if it is your first time. This therapy should be enjoyed to the maximum, so it should not be anything painful.


3.- Choose your products: In some spas use products so that the relaxing massage is pleasant; However, you can bring your own oil or lotion that suits your needs.Not only changing oil is enough, if you’re using massage chair for massage then you must change your electric massage chair because low quality chairs can ruin your massage experience. You can use aromatherapy to relax, so pack your medicine cabinet:


4.- Completely healthy: Try to take therapy when you enjoy good health. If you have a cold or the flu change your appointment. Relaxing massage stimulates circulation, so it can increase discomfort or create discomfort.


5.- Hygiene and punctuality: Arriving on time at the time of your appointment is vital so that the relaxing massage meets your expectations. When you are late, the therapy may be shorter or do not cover all the key points. Also, do not forget to take a shower before you arrive.


Some perfect reviews about Monster Guess Quiz Pokémon Answers that makes it the leading app game

Description: are you interested in some comprehensive reviews about Monster guess quiz Pokémon answers that make it the main app game? Here you will get all relevant answers and information to your queries.


There are so many trivia games out there who offers you the freedom and challenges your mind but have you ever thought a game which made for your favorite cartoon series is Monster guess quiz Pokémon answers because there are more than 50 million fans of this cartoon and now you get to play them by guessing which Pokémon you love the most through unfinished pictures and letters. This finest edition you can ever ask for you will enjoy and never get bored for a second. It is your ultimate test to see how much you are a lover of this never ending series.

There is a reason why this trivia game word trek answers is the leading app across the world; the answer is simple people of all ages loves to watch them on their TVs, and this is the great opportunity to play them by guessing with corresponding images.

After that said we below have listed the real facts about some perfect reviews about Monster guess quiz Pokémon answers that makes it the leading app game to help you understand how many levels this game has at the moment, how you can play it, who is the developer of this marvelous Game, which are the major platforms it is available to play, what to do if you can’t pass the each level, and why you should play this game in the first place.

  • How many levels this game has at the moment?

This game offers more than 100 levels, and you will find hundreds of characters to guess. Each one has left the incomplete image, and you have to imagine them through letters to complete the picture.

  • How can you play it?

It is very simple to play; there are not any new improvements made in the game the pattern is very understandable just ‘’guess the Pokémon quiz’’ to progress further.

  • Who is the developer of this marvelous game?

This very famous game and developed by the original creator Jill Ramirez who is popular for making quiz games.

  • Which are the major platforms it is available to play?

This app quiz game can found on just IOS devices such as I-phone, IPod touch, and I-Pad.

  • What to do if you can’t pass the each level?

If you find yourself stuck or looking for help, then you can use ‘’guess the Pokémon cheats’’ to get the right solutions and hints to explain every level.

  • Why should you play this game in the first place?

If you are a big fan of Pokémon TV shows then monster guess quiz Pokémon answers is indeed the game you don’t want to miss because it is addictive and filled with excitement.

Want to play more exciting games ?, the you are not far away , visit here

April is Autism Awareness Month

I felt it was important to get this out today in light of Autism Awareness Month. This is a sponsored post by NHS Heroes – the only place where you can buy Codeine only in the UK.

April is Autism Awareness Month; however, I think I agree with many of my friends that there are few people who aren’t aware of autism- so why are we still focusing on awareness. Let’s focus on building quality lives for all our children. One of my friends is trying to change April to Autism Actions and True Friendships Month. Check out this facebook page: This was one of Jay’s favorite activities- going out with the guys. It helped build friendships in the community that lasted a lifetime.

One of the best decisions my husband and I ever made in our lives was to choose to live with our friend Jay who happened to have autism. We learned so much from him and hopefully we enriched his life as much as he enriched ours. Every year at Christmas I share a story about Jay and this year I decided to save it for April. In 2009, we lost Jay to a sudden heart attack and this story comes from his last Christmas on Earth.

Jay did not clearly understand money for if you asked him what his house cost he would say, “One dollar”. Jay worked 20 hours a week as a mailman at the University of Kansas and he was paid the same wages as anyone else at the University. Hundreds of dollars meant nothing to Jay. So his check was deposited into his bank account and each day he was given eight one dollar bills if he did a good job at work.

Jay only liked one dollar bills and if you gave him a five, ten, or twenty it would promptly go into the trash because it didn’t belong in his billfold (lesson learned). This gave him enough money throughout the week to pay for his meals when he went out with the fraternity gentlemen on Wednesday night, dinner with his girlfriend and music therapist on Monday night, lunches out with friends throughout the week and dancing on Friday night at one of the local clubs. It also allowed him to go down and purchase a soda from the machine each day during his work break. These eight dollars meant everything to him. Jay loved opening up his billfold and pulling out his own money to pay for his meals.

Every once in awhile, Jay would have a not so great day at work. Whenever he chose to not be compliant at work, he was told he might not earn his eight dollars. This was usually enough to get him on the right track . One day, Jay was in the hallway without his job coach and I saw him focusing on a door. Jay had obsessive compulsive disorder and one of his major obsessions was that “things” were at a 90 degree angle. He did not like “catty wampus”. All of the furniture in our home was flat up against the wall and all of our towels hung at precise 90 degree angles. As you might imagine at a university with tons of busy professors and doctoral students, post-it notes are left on doors to send messages to each other. Jay did not like post-it notes that were not placed at 90 degree angles. He would fuss and fuss with them until they were perfectly placed. Unfortunately, as is with post-it note stickiness- it wears off.

I saw Jay messing with a post-it note on a doc student’s door. He kept straightening and straightening and then it happened. The post-it note started falling off the door and onto the floor. This would not do. Nothing belonged on the floor so I knew where the post-it note was headed. It was headed for the great toilet bowl in the sky. The other thing Jay loved was watching things swirl in the toilet bowl as they disappeared from sight. I saw Jay look around and start heading toward the restroom with the post-it note. I happened to know the post-it note was very important and the doc student needed to see it. I followed Jay. As he headed for the restroom door, I said, “Jay, it will be such a bummer if you flush that post-it note down the toilet. You wouldn’t be able to get your eight dollars today. Denise really needs that note.”

Jay stood still in his tracks and looked over his shoulder at me. I could see the wheels spinning in his head. “Oh yeah, she’s the one that means what she says. Crumb.” He stood there for a minute and then marched quickly past the bathroom door and straight for the trash can at the end of the hall. He placed the post-it note in the trash can and turned around and smiled at me. He said, “I’m getting my eight dollars today.” All I had said was, “If you flush it you won’t get your eight dollars.” He was so smart. He did get his eight dollars.

I did dig out the note from the trash and slid it under Denise’s door. (That would have bothered him to know because he would have asked all day, “When is she going to pick that up?”) He loved to pick up things off the floor. A trip to Wal-Mart was quite a coup for the Wal-Mart employees because Jay did their work that day.

So Jay’s eight dollars meant a lot to him. You might say it was one of the ways he felt as if he was the same as everyone else because he paid his own way with his own money that he earned. Jay never left work without earning his eight dollars.

My husband has a big heart and he cannot walk past a homeless person without giving them money. He can’t walk past the kettles at Christmas time and not add something to the pot. Jay witnessed this time and time again when we were out and about. He never said anything, but he was watching. Our last Christmas together was extremely icy in Kansas. One day, his job coach Shelby took him with her to the grocery store to run some errands for the Beach Center. Since it was icy and Jay was uneasy on his feet in normal circumstances, she decided to drop him off at the door and then go park the car. She told him to stand still and she’d be right back for him. As she parked the car and was walking up to the door, she witnessed Jay’s generous soul.

The Salvation Army Kettle Ringer was standing at the door with his big red pot. Jay opened up his billfold, pulled out all eight, one dollar bills and placed them carefully into the bellringer’s pot. The Salvation Army Employee had tears in his eyes because he knew Jay and he knew how much this had to mean to him. He gave away his last one dollar bill to help someone else.

As I reflect again on Jay’s life and what living with him meant to our family, I think about how much he gave us in friendship, his loving heart, and the kindness he generated in others. Almost 700 people came to Jay’s funeral and open house. I believe it is because his loving heart touched so many and he taught us what it means to give dignity to each person’s soul. Despite having his own issues to deal with, Jay had compassion in his heart for everyone. He loved everyone. He didn’t see race, religion, sex, or disabilities. He just loved you for being you.

So in honor of autism awareness month and in honor of Jay Turnbull, I ask you to take eight dollars this month and pay it forward. I usually ask people to do this at Christmas time; however, everyone is asking for help at Christmas. I thought a better way to spread Jay’s spirit is to ask now during Autism Awareness Month. So, if you can: give eight dollars to your favorite charity, put an extra eight dollars in the plate at your worship service, or pay it forward at Starbucks. If you can’t spare eight dollars, go to Wal-Mart and pick up eight items off the floor that don’t belong there in Jay’s honor.

Here’s hoping everyone finds the friendship of someone like Jay before they leave this earth. The best thing you can do to help others with autism is to understand them, to see their soul shining through and help them shine.

To read the memorial page for Jay click this link Jay’s Memorial Blog- the picture above is my daughter Jessica with Jay. Jay’s favorite song was “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down. He loved it when she wore this shirt. The first blog post on the previous link is from my youngest son. Jay made a huge impact on our family.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for 2017

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for 2017


One of the most trusted pressure cooker brands in U.S. & Canada is Instant Pot pressure cooker. The 1st generation of the company started making the products being used to as timer in mechanical to control & set the pressure & temperature at desired value. Presently, in the 3rd generation of Instant Pot pressure cookers which are offering smart coding that permits its operator to set the intensity of heat, pressure, temperature, and duration of the food which need to be cooking as per your desired needs.

Electric Instant Pot pressure cookers of are generally in demand for those consumers who not interested to pay for the premium or extraordinary pressure cooker but require a quality brand of a pressure cooker that works & results well and lasts long. Prices range between $75 to $200, these are affordable pressure cookers for both the purpose, families as well as businesses.

Instant Pot tried to launch the series of cooker which is convenient, dependable &  safe to use. There are feature aimed product & are costly in the market. Instant Pot pressure cooker grabs the attention of those customers who are normally in the search of reasonable quality products at affordable rates.

 Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for 2017

Instant Pot pressure cooker is designed using pressure sensor technology, this helps the cooker to monitor the pressure with-in the inner side of the pot automatically, thus, decreasing the potential for human error. All the Instant Pot pressure cooker are passed through certification of UL/ULC for greater quality & peace of mind. Total 10 level of safety protections is considered during design which are an extreme temperature,  power protection & an anti-blockage vent, indicator to indicate safety, lid lock, and much more.

The Instant Pot IP-LUX60 has a feature that most value for the cost & another the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is a high choice if one is looking for some more additional functionality or features and you don’t end think to spend more over it.  Instant Pot Bluetooth is one of the most technologically developed pressure cooker available in the market.

Pressure cookers are a one-time purchasing, & your selection should be based on your regular needs. If you have made your mind to purchase Instant Pot & have considered it a right product for your needs, we recommend you to kindly spare some more time reading our reviews for other brands product so you can double check yourself & ensure you’re searching over a wide range of brands and models.

Till date, we have being reviewed multiple models of Instant Pot & being pride over self on delivering consumers with inequality & comprehensive reviews. In order to achieve, comparison of each pressure cooker to another model with the same or leading feature from brands such as All-American, Presto and Cuisinart, giving you a complete overview of all top pressure cooker.

Don’t forget to go through our individual reviews of each model below. You can also find out our differentiation chart to understand how Instant Pot models are when compared with others.

How to Become a Payday Loan Lender

Some people might think that they can become the payday loan lender quickly. Well! That is not so easy like filling the air in the balloon. You need to follow some important rules if you intend to be a payday loan lender. Here is the complete guideline in this context.

Get the License

The first thing you should do is to get the state license for it. Every state has set some rules and regulations for it. You can read the rules of your state and apply for a permit.

Get Acquaintance with the Law and Legislation

You should know the rules and laws regarding a payday loan lender. In this context, you should not only follow the rules and regulations set by your state but also abide by the federal laws. If you want to operate your company as an online payday lender, you should read the federal law and the laws of other states regarding a virtual payday loan lender carefully. It is necessary for you because every state has set different rules for this business. If you want to cover the customers from other states while operating your virtual company, you should read the laws carefully.

How to Become a Payday Loan Lender

Open a Bank Account

You should open a bank account that will be used for transactions. It is the fastest way to credit or debit the checking account of any person who applies for a payday loan. You will transfer amount to the client’s account when your company approves his payday loan. On the set dates, the money will be deducted from his account and transfers into your account automatically.

Marketing of Business

While you are flourishing the payday loan business, you need to market your business on the virtual platform. The two core elements of any business include the marketing and the internal operation. If you have techniques to market your business online with an active mind, you can flourish this business successfully.

Hire a Lawyer

You need to hire the services of a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of law and legislation. The states keep changing the laws regarding any business. So, you need a lawyer who could deal all the legal matters of your company.

Sufficient Funds

Some people want to start this business with a small amount of money. That is not okay. If you are going to start a payday loan business virtually, you should at least possess $4000 to meet with all expenses. You need to spend a lot initially. For example, to register the firm, to hire a lawyer, to market your business, etc. Moreover, for the first three months, you are just going to invest your money. After this period, you will start getting profit. Till then, you are just spending the money. That’s why I suggest you start a virtual payday loan business with at least $6000 to avoid any inconvenience.

Why Skin Demands More Attention in Winter

The cold and windy weather leads to further drying of our skin. Dirty air in closed spaces closes the pores of the skin. Care is therefore more important than ever in the winter season to prevent aging effects and protect skin health.

Excessive practices, expensive cosmetic products come to mind when it comes to skin care. However, with practical suggestions, it is possible to be well-maintained and healthy without having to spend too much time. For example, it is very effective to not sleep without cleaning the skin at night, not to go out without a moisturizer.It should not be forgotten that regular and balanced nutrition is the basic principle for abundant water as well as general body health and for skin health.The dermatologist in a well-known hospital in Medical Park, who notices that skin care should be started when younger and younger than before, is not aged but the skin is spoiled.

In the winter months, the skin has gained a matte appearance and said that it is struggling against negative external factors. Goodness, “You should pay more attention to your skin in winter months. This is because not only age but also unbalanced nutrition and negative external factors can cause aging of the skin. Your skin is worn out. It is very important not to go out without driving the humidifier. Dermatologists can also prepare special creams for each type of skin. ”


In the winter months, body care should be paid attention to at least one hundred. Because heavy winds increase irritation and dry your skin.Winter clothes should not be a feature that prevents air flow and disrupts skin moisture. Wearing a few layers instead of a single, thick layer may cause different temperature grades in the day and indoors, so do not adapt to all of these heat changes more easily and do not get rid of rash, rash, helping you to avoid skin problems.

Comfortable and plentiful, cotton clothes should be preferred as always. In order to prevent mushrooms from being left behind, cotton socks should be preferred, and airborne shoes should be preferred. Bath foam, shampoo and soap products should not build up the skin.After bath, moisturizing creams can be used. In winter, our skin is often exposed to many chemical gases, particles or micros.

Both the skin and hair are affected negatively by the substances from the outside. Smoking also has an effect on problems. Problems such as mattiness, malaise, and malformation can occur in the hair.

Be careful to protect your skin in winter

If the body builds up, it can make itchy. Using moisturizers, taking care of water, avoiding hot baths, not using drying soaps and shower gels, not making pouches are simple but effective methods. Moisturizers will be more effective when the body is moistened as soon as the body is removed.

Cold and moisture-free air increases skin dryness as well as nails. Moisturizers are beneficial. To prevent the nails from drying up, protect them with excess water, soap and detergent. Use a sunscreen recommended by your doctor to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays.Be careful when choosing cosmetics and consult a qualified doctor.