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How to Copy Third Party Content Correctly

Copying content is a common practice. You should not be too often (or avoid at all) not to be penalized by Google. Apart from the positioning there are certain “rules” of behavior to avoid a possible demand of a pissed off author.

With the advent of Google Panda one should think that copying and pasting of existing content is over. In my case I can verify otherwise. Almost every day I find my posts copied 1: 1 in other blogs, media or portals. I do not care as long as it meets what from my point of view is a minimum.

Copy and paste third party content correctly

Whether you are talking about portals, media or blogs, there is a practice of copying third-party content. Not everyone thinks like me that I think is something positive. If you want to do it despite all the inconveniences of duplicate content, you should consider the following 3 points.

How to Copy Third Party Content Correctly

Copy content legally

To get legal protection when you want to use third party texts you need a signed contract. Each content is protected by copyright and you may be subject to a lawsuit if you do so without obtaining authorization. In Spain there are still not many demands for copied content (at least as far as I know). If we look at other countries like Germany there are lawyers who specialize in the illicit use of texts, photos, videos, etc. The demand for such cases is a business. Hopefully this will never reach Spain.

Get authorization right

An easy way to copy content from third parties is to request an authorization. An e-mail may be sufficient. It is often a good way to get in touch with bloggers or other media authors or you can use some other bloggers content by using Online article spinner that helps you to rewrite your content for your website that completely look like a human writeable content.I do not know many people who would not give their permission to publish since they receive a free promotion. Although it is true that not everyone thinks the same in this regard.

The least you should do when you copy third-party content

If you do not request a contract or authorization (which I recommend) you should at least make a reference to the original source. It should contain the links of the article so that the author receives traffic from your site and see the advantage that gives you the copy of your article. In no case should you copy content at the time of publication. This way the article on your website could be indexed first in Google and the original author would be penalized by Google for duplicate content (something you always have to assume when you get third party texts). In this case prepare yourself for a possible lawsuit and a very angry pug or blogger.

If you copy third-party content do it correctly. Do not do it very often because your blog or website can be penalized in the positioning. What are your tips for posting articles from other authors?